Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Phyllis clairifies on CNMI Constitution

This is ridiculous. Kindly forward:
OK - let's be real. I DO have a law degree, and the plain and unambiguous language of the constitution is crystal clear.
Article XV, Section 1(d)reads as follows: A member of the board of education shall be qualified to vote in theCommonwealth, at least twenty-five years of age, and a resident anddomiciliary of the Commonwealth for at least five years immediately preceding the date on which the member takes office. A longer residency and domicile requirement may be provided by law. This provision does not outlaw teachers who serve as administrators.

Section 1(c) IN ITS ENTIRETY further provides: The board of education shall have five members, elected at large on anon-partisan basis as follows: one from the first senatorialdistrict, one from the second senatorial district and three from thethird senatorial district. Elected members of the board of education shall serve terms of four years except that the terms of the firstmembers elected shall be determined by drawing of lots with threemembers serving a term of four years and two members serving a termof two years. The governor shall appoint three nonvoting ex-officio members to the board of education: one member shall be a student attending a public school; one member shall be a representative of nonpublic schools; and one member selected by an exclusive bargaining representative of the teachers within the Department of Education. Elected members of the board shall serve commencing on the second Monday of January in the year following the regular general electionat which they were elected.
This section likewise says nothing about administrators who also teach. So now hear this: Even those who cast themselves as scholars can not mistake the plain language of the framers, save by deliberately blinding themselves by their own blind ambition.
This is not about Betty Miller. It IS about ACT members' choices. We get the representation we deserve. Those who don't or won't vote have no license to criticize. Mr. Bennett: ACT chose Betty Miller. The membership made its choice. You don't need to be a constitutional scholar to grasp the meaning of that fact.

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