Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ambrose again

Hola Teachers,

Please pass this along to all teachers.



WHY are you doing ALL Teachers like this Ms. Miller. The majority of teachers are not members of ACT and it is clear you have a "personal" agenda and not one for all teachers. You can solve all of this my stepping down as the VP but you are pushing teachers to support you in a position that will clearly create a conflict of interest.

Furthermore, I have been recognized by the U.S. Congress as a Constitutional Scholar and only people with "Law" degrees are considered to have a better understanding of our Constitution - meaning the "lay" interpretations that ACT is creating to address the Constitution don't carry any weigth nor will the be considered as a "qualified" opinion.

Your personal quest like previous ACT figureheads has been TEACHERS worst enemy and now you come with a NEW controversy that can easily be resolved by you making a real committment to Teachers or Administration - YOU MAKE THE CHOICE and stop all this "log rolling" to promote your desires that is going to accomplish NOTHING. How many votes are you going to take, how many signature will it take, who other than you Ms. Miller is requesting this vote and what purpose will it accomplish? The law is the law and voting for you three times will not change the law. The Board has not and will not support an administrator as the BOE Teacher Rep.

Please give us teachers a break and just choose, it is just that simple.


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