Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Jeff Turbitt's take on the Betty Miller melodrama

Update: There was a meeting to debate, discuss and vote on this matter, and naturally less than seven people showed up, and none of the people who made the fuss. I told Betty I had it with ACT months ago, but I went tonight for her. Another waste of time.

James Yangetmai makes some good points in his email, and if this were a union and we were really doing collective bargaining, his argument would be even stronger. However, this isn't the U.S. mainland, ACT isn't a union, and regarding this statement: "The credibility of our organization and teaching profession are at stake, and I believe that’s what all of us would want to protect," we have no credibility because so many people have sat around and done nothing for years that all ACT is now is Betty Miller trying to herd a group of disinterested cats. No one even wants to run for crying out loud. How sad a statement is that? The last election there was no campaign, no one voted, and we've since had four years of many people being angry that Ambrose won, so they just sit it out. It's only nonsense like this that brings people out of the woodwork.

Remember how last year the salaries were cut over Praxis and people were now upset and they had nowhere to turn? That was because there was no ACT in reality, and even a few months after it was reformed with all that paycut mojo, it has officers that don't show up to help, a membership that doesn't show up at meetings and virtually no one, in ACT or not, that could be bothered to show up at a Board of Education debate and other educational debates that Betty spearheaded.

Betty Miller has gone to those board meetings, actually represented teachers in a fair and professional manner and tried to make something of ACT while 99 percent of you sat on your ass, and now because she got promoted a few people don't want her to be teacher rep and turned this into some Supreme Court procedure argument. It's sad.

And for Ambrose's edification, it was other parties, certainly not me and not Betty, who wanted him removed from office last Spring, so don't take it out on her now, which is obviously happening. And even if you cling to the argument that Betty can't be in that position, the lone alternative isn't retaining Ambrose. There are other choices.The issue is do you trust Betty to relate the views of teachers and watch and relate those interests on the board and back to teachers, and we all know she can. Can we please stop the dramatic Constitutional Convention and show some real world awareness of what we are (a fledgling organization at best) and are not (a union).


phyllis ain said...

The ONLY person who has done ANYTHING to help ALL of us is Betty. But this is not the issue.
The issue is whom we chose -- and that was Betty.

There are procedures for recalling a duly authorized teacher's rep. There are procedures for revisiting any issue. However, is anyone prepared to follow them, or do we continue with the drama and just complain without acting, ACT members?

The only reason the "constitutional drama" was initiated was to respond to our "constitutional scholar." Our Teacher Rep's reliance on the Constitution is misleading -- downright wrong.

If the membership wants to change
its mind -- if Betty wants to change her mind, then we follow procedure. Sorry everyone. It's what separates us from the other animals.

phyllis ain said...

So ... where were all of you who called for a change? To those who expressed concern about a committed teacher taking on the dual role of administrator and Teacher Rep: why didn't you show up?
We could have benefitted from a reasoned discussion tonight where those with concerns put them out in the open so they could be addressed and put to rest.
But once again, the only people ACTing were those who voted Betty Miller in as BOE rep at the start of this melodrama. The membership was noticed; a meeting was held; but only a handful of teachers were present.
Combining the votes of attendees with those who voted via email, the outcome is that Betty continues. So be it. Happy Holidays to all.

Jeff said...

It's called the BS principle Phyllis. My friend taught it to me.

"I was introduced to the "no-bullshit principle" when I was finishing college back in the mellow '70s. I ran into an acquaintance after a year of not being in touch, though I'd promised I would. "I've been meaning to write," I said with what I hoped was a convincing amount of contrition, and expected him to say, "That's fine."Rather, he smiled and said, "People do what's important to them. I accept that." And he walked on."

phyllis ain said...

The Ghost Never Dies!

Ambrose - again - swears he will not retire until ... when? He is demanding an audience with the governor with the intent to secure some temporary appointment until someone other than an administrator is appointed as a teacher re.
I, for one, find this unacceptable. Mr. Bennett's terme is over and he does not speak for me. Whatever else the governor does, Ambrose is no alternative. His term is over. Why isn't he?