Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Meeting Notice

Greetings All,

I encourage you to print or forward this e-mail for all teachers in the community. Various members have requested we hold one final meeting and possible membership vote regarding our requested candidate for Teacher Representative to the BOE. The meeting is scheduled for this Thursday, December 20th at 6:00 P.M. in the San Vicente cafeteria. Fliers will be sent to all schools (please let me know if they are not posted tomorrow) and press releases should run by Wednesday. I do apologize for the short notice and bad timing, but waiting until after the break puts it too close to the Governor's appointment.

I understand some feel we have voted on this measure twice and may be frustrated by the request to do so again. But, questions have been raised by a few members regarding my acting administrative position. Although there is no constitutional restriction to our current nomination, I feel it is in the best interest of the organization that we show a good faith effort in weighing all sides carefully prior to making such an important decision. If you have strong opinions on the topic either way, this would definitely be the time to show up for a meeting and express yourself.

With that said, if you are unable to attend the meeting and would like to express your opinion and/or vote via e-mail, you will have the opportunity to do so at the end of this message. Please be aware your e-mail will be printed and hand carried to the meeting in order to be included. (I apologize to the teachers of Tinian and Rota for not being able to schedule a meeting in a manner in which you are able to attend.)

Should the turn-out or response to this meeting be low, we will stand by our initial vote counts. August, 76 to 3 in favor of asking me to stay on as president and BOE candidate, with the knowledge that I was acting in the capacity of an administrator.
Nov. 2nd. unanimous for all members present that we nominate our duly elected president as our candidate to the BOE for teacher representative.

I will not be offended if the membership votes for my resignation, as I have already offered it twice. As I've stated before, in theory I also believe it would be "best" if a teacher were your representative to the BOE.
On the other hand, if the majority of members voting have faith that I can continue to represent you fairly to the BOE (and trust that I will recuse myself if a conflict arises), then I will happily do that too.

A president's responsibility is to serve what is in the best interests of the organization. The last thing I want is for public perception of teachers to be damaged as we debate this issue amongst ourselves.
Let us meet Thursday, talk it out, vote, then stand behind our decision as an organization, in private and in public.

Betty Miller
ACT President

I am unable to attend the General Membership meeting on Thursday, Dec. 20th.
I am choosing to cast my vote via e-mail:

_____ I vote we retain Betty Miller as our President and support her nomination to the BOE as our teacher representative (with the understanding that should a conflict of interest arise, due to her acting administrative position, another officer of the organization be authorized to speak on behalf of teachers regarding the matter.)

_____ I request Betty Miller resign as President of ACT, and someone else serve as our recommended candidate to the BOE for teacher representative.


Name _________________________________________

Position _______________________________________

School _________________________________________

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