Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Bingo Anyone???

Received this in my personal e-mail, and thought I would pass it along.

Hi Everyone! As you all know, *Diabetes* is a serious health problem affecting a large percentage of our island population. The CommonwealthDiabetes Coalition is a non-profit umbrella organization that is made of ofa partnership between governmental and non-governmental organizations onisland. It consists of members from Public Health, CHC, Diabetes Prevention& Control Program, the Ayuda Network, Marianas Health Services, thereligious communities, Bangladesh community, Filipino community, and Chinesecommunity, to name a few.
The Diabetes Coalition sponsors the Wise Women Village Project that offershealth screenings in the community for local women, Walk on Wednesday's forblood pressure and blood glucose screening, continuing education forhealthcare professionals in the CNMI, and the Foot Clinic that is run out ofthe Physical Therapy department at CHC. They also pay for newspaper, radioand TV ads to provide education on diabetes prevention and control to thecommunity. The Coalition is a *non-governmental *organization that receivesno funding from the government. They rely entirely on fundraising, publichealth grants, and community support in order to provide these services.
As such, the Commonwealth Diabetes Coalition is holding a *BINGO Nightfundraiser on May 30*. Your support is *greatly appreciated*. There is agroup of us who plans to get together and go play, so *please come out andjoin us*, it will be FUN! If you aren't able to attend, or BINGO is justnot your thing, please consider purchasing a ticket in support of theCoalition. It you purchase a ticket, there will be volunteers who will playyour card for you, and deliver your winnings after the event!!!
You can stop by the PT Department at CHC to pick up a ticket from me(730am-430pm), or I can arrange to meet you somewhere. Also, please passthis information along to anyone you feel may be interested and have themcontact me at ** or *236-8327/8*. Please see detailsbelow, and don't hesitate to contact me with any questions. *Thank You!!!
Cost: $20/ticket
What Do I Get?1) 8 regular games with prizes of $100 per game2) 1 mini-jacket pot game with a prize of $2503) 1 blackout game with a prize of $450
When: Friday, May 30, 2008
Time: 6pm - 12am
Where: Garapan Fishing Base (where the June Carnival and July 4th Festivalis held every year)**Other Prizes: Also, for an additional $20 a separate ticket can be purchasedfor the "Bingo For Life" game. Prizes for that game are:1) $50,000 Jackpot2) $2000 Consolation prize3) $1500 Package payout

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Count Down to What

We are getting ready to begin "Teacher Appreciation Week" at the end of another school year here in the CNMI. We have all worked extremely hard this year, with very, very few acknowledgements for that work, by the administration, the board, parents, students or the public (not that any are really expected-but would be nice).

Most people (not teachers) do not understand how much time really goes into teaching outside of the 7:30 to 3:30 time frame. We, as highly qualified teachers (HQT), must put in anywhere from two to ten hours for any one lesson. For each lesson, we must find resources (to supplement the cirriculum); put together a lesson plan; make copies or activities for students (individually or for groups); we must make charts (as reminders for students); and/or we must cooridinate field trips or guest speakers with the principal, other staff members, the cafeteria or caterer, bus transportation, the parents and students (again to supplement the cirriculum), just to name a few. All of this must be accomplished on top of the teaching day and, also, on top of any additional duties that are assigned by the respective principal. Usually, there are a number of theses!

We, as HQT educators, put in all this time and effort, for what? We are continually losing - pay, time, funding, supplies, and support in all ways, from all directions such as, the board, principals, parents, students and the public. It would be helpful if more teachers felt that all their hard work is needed and appreciated. Then, we as HQT educators could continue to endure low pay; lack of airconditioning in poorly constructed or poorly sealed rooms; no supplies and rooms over-filled with students and moldy termite infested books and other inconviences.

We HQT educators go through all these things for our students. We realize that they are the future and we are continuing to try to "stick it out" for them. It's just that acknowledgement of enduring would be appreciated.