Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ambrose Bennett's opinon on ACT President as BOE Teacher Rep.

Please forward this to all teachers so they will have a point of view from each side before you start a character assisination of me in the news you owe teachers that much respect.>> You can erase this note.
Hola My Fellow Teachers,
I have only one concern reading Ms. Miller being the BOE Teacher>Rep.
she is acting in an administrative capacity which places her in a>postion of
"conflict of interest" - this is Black Letter Law and end of story.
The BOE Teacher Rep can be a Librarian, Counselor or Teacher but not an administrator. She must decide whom she wants to serve as I did when I turned down a VP job twice just to help teachers.
Secondly, ACT's By-Laws "CANNOT" dictate Constitutional Law and infact the by-laws MUST COMPLY with the Law. Ms. Miller only needs to make a decision and stop putting all the burden of a "personal decision" on all teachers. I have nothing against her and I have no desire to stay on the Board but in the BEST interest of ALL teachers and a majoirty of teachers ARE NOT members of ACT I have asked the governor to allow me to remain until a "TEACHER" can be properly recomended to his office that meets the criteria "established" by the previous administration.
Thank you teachers for you time and consideration of these facts,
Ambrose M. Bennett, BOE Teacher Rep

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