Sunday, December 23, 2007

Ambrose Asks to Remain as Acting Teacher Rep. to BOE

Thank You James,

Ms. Miller is not doing all teachers a service by creating a controversy "over her personal decision". Furthermore, I can assure you the Board of Education WILL NOT support an administrator representing teachers. I will also be fighting against this until it is done in accordance with the Constitution. School is out and there is no time left before the next Board is sworn in and I intend on being there until a TEACHER takes my place.

I am calling on all teachers to ask ACT and the Governor to reappoint me in an ACTING capacity until a TEACHER steps forward to take the position. Ms. Miller along with the history of ACT has literally frightened all teachers away from wanting the job because of the attacks ACT made towards me and anyone that doesn't want to do exactly what ACT demands. ACT must reallize the organization does not represent all teachers and ONLY the BOE Teacher Rep has that right to speak for all teachers until ACT has garnnered the majority of teachers as members.


Betty said...

Unfortunately, my letter was not intended to support your reappointment as the teacher's rep. My sole purpose was to convey how I feel about having a school administrator, in general, as a teachers' rep or spokesperson. My letter was in no way meant to support your personal attacks against Ms. Miller. She is a good friend, and a strong advocate for teachers. There is no question in my mind that Ms. Miller, had she remain as a full time teacher, would be the best and most effective leader for the CNMI teachers.

You may recall that the public schools teachers rep position was vacant for at least a year before you were appointed by Gov. Babauta so I don't see the urgency in the governor appointing your replacement if the teachers have not decided to choose one to recommend. I am sure we could always ask the governor to hold off the appointment until later. In the interim we could ask the board to allow Ms. Miller to sit in on their meetings and be the liason for the teachers. I am sure teachers are ready and look forward to an effective representation on the board, and Ms. Miller would have been the ideal choice.

Enjoy your holidays,


Betty said...

For the most part, I attempt to remain neutral as it is my job to speak on behalf ACT, and not for myself.

However, I take exception to several quotes from Mr. Bennett's request and feel it is only fair I point out his blatant twists of truth.
1) "Ms. Miller along with the history of ACT has literally frightened all teachers away from wanting the job..."
I have offered to resign 3 times! Teachers have asked me to stay. How is that scaring anyone away?

2)"because of the attacks ACT made towards me and anyone that doesn't want to do exactly what ACT demands..."

I have made a conscious effort not to attack you or anyone else personally. As a matter of fact, I have been very respectful and appreciative of all who have chosen to share their views, even if they are not shared by the majority of the membership.

I challenge you to cite one example in which I have attacked you peronally or demanded anything from you.

The only thing ACT requested of you in our letter dated 6/04/07 was "we respectfully request more active involvement on your part with the Association of Commonwealth Teachers. This includes, but is not limited to, attandance at ACT meetings, regular communiction with the officers of the Association and teachers of the CNMI, and solicitation of input from all teachers prior to speaking on our behalf with the Board of Education.

These were not intended as demands, however should have been clearly recognized as part of your obligation to teachers as BOE Teacher Rep. However, you responded to this request via e-mail by stating "...I am not an employee of ACT and any service I provide is a courtesy not a requirement..."

How is it you can claim to represent all teachers yet refuse to attend teachers meetings or solicite feedback from teachers prior to speaking on their behalf?

3)"ACT must reallize the organization does not represent all teachers and ONLY the BOE Teacher Rep has that right to speak for all teachers until ACT has garnnered the majority of teachers as members."

290 teachers voted in the the election that made me President of ACT. Just out of curiousity, How many teachers voted in the election that made you BOE Teacher Rep.?

ACT is the ONLY teacher organization on island. We have never pretended to represent all teachers. However, in the interest of fairness, we have allowed all CNMI teachers to participate in the election of our officers and votes regarding this matter, and several non-ACT members have. In all cases a clear majority of those voting asked for me to remain as President and candidate for BOE Teacher Representative.

Where is your proof that a majority of teachers wish for you to remain as Acting BOE Teacher Rep?

The negative publicity YOU are generating is damaging to the perception of teachers in the CNMI. If anyone is holding us back from a productive partnership it is you and your negative public tactics.

In the meantime, ACT will continue to stand by the expressed desires of our membership, as is our right and obligation as an organziation. I will continue to serve as their President and BOE candidate until such time as the voting membership deems othewise. This is the democratic process, and I will honor it.

Jeff said...

On top of not reporting anything to teachers after the first year, not attending any ACT meetings or organizing any other teacher forums after year one, my understanding is the teacher rep's attendance at BOE meetings has been terrible as well, which leads me to believe Ambrose has lost interest in the job, so his reappointment is hardly the only option even if a person bought into his an administrator can't be on the board argument.

Betty said...

Hola James and Teachers,

It seems you still don't get it James and nor does ACT. You have spent so much of ACT's Real Estate "ATTACKING" me and not SUPPORTING YOUR Teacher Rep that NO OTHER TEACHER with common sense wants to be invovled as long as ACT is carriying on like they OWN the Teacher Rep post. No teacher wants to be attacked by ACT if they don't agree with ACT and that is the legacy ACT has created. ACT has KILLED itself trying to KILL me. There is only a "handful" of people who are really behind ACT and I've said all along that if ACT wants to have total control - DO THE WORK and sign up the majority of teachers and comply with the Constitution.

I have nothing against Ms. Miller other than her disrespect for her Teacher Rep when she wants to be the Teacher Rep and I'm sure she would want someone to treat her the way she has treated me, but I think Ms. Miller would be a good Rep too but the Law and code of ethics says she can't be both. Why is it so hard for her to decide because this is appearing to be more and more of a "power quest" by Ms. Miller than an effort to help teachers especially when you aren't willing to support my recomendation until ACT can get the Governor to appoint. It is better to have some representation than none at all out of what is clearly "SPITE and VENGENCE" of a personal nature.

I'm not the problem, the problem has always been the attitude of ACT leadership towards ME which has done nothing but keep teachers from advancing as a collective. As for the rush to have a Teacher Rep appointed, it seems that James would rather have NO Representation than to have me, which speaks volumes to the attitude of James and ACT towards me, their Representative and the person in the best position to help ACT the most. When will you get it?

Ambrose M. Bennett, BOE Teacher Rep

Betty said...



Since when did you see me attack you publicly? Take back your words because you know you will lose the fight when I start doing my share of your venemous attacks. I have NEVER, and will NEVER put myself and pride down to your level. I have a higher standard than your childish "I am this and I am that" attitude. I am sorry to say, but it's you that will never learn. Like yourself, I hold a Masters degree, but I will never boast to anyone about it. Unlike you, I earned mine the hard way. I did not earn it because of any affirmitive action like some people did. So stop boasting about your degree and your recognition because many of us aren't interested. I suggest you keep it to yourself.

And don't bother replying because you will not get any from this man. I've said it, my level of thinking and status is much higher than you think, and I don't drag my pride in the mud like some people do. Stop whining and grow up and act like adults do.

As the classic cartoons often say.......Datz all folks.

phyllis ain said...

I have waited until after Christmas to respond.
I speak for myself.
I most strongly oppose Mr. Bennett's self-appointment as BOE Teacher Rep. He misses BOE meetings, and when he IS present, no one listens when he speaks. He declines to attend meetings of and for teachers, and has yet to solicit one teacher's point of view before endlessly mouthing off with his. Read the postings, Ambrose.
Your term is over. Please step aside.