Friday, August 24, 2007

"OLD" and "NEW"

In the process of getting through the first few weeks of school, in a new grade and a new room, I have had to go through many things! Old text books had to be gone through and remarked with new room numbers, and new text books had to get their initial markings. We have been told that ALL teachers will be getting brand new Laptop computers within two weeks. I hope that we get to keep the old ones for classroom use, to give students greater access. We also have some old policies and some new areas of concern. My materials also had to be gone through to see what would apply to this group of students. I, like most teachers, am a pack rat, always afraid to throw something away, because I might use it next time.

Through all of these transitions I hope that the administration keeps putting the focus on student performance, not on which department is getting the most funding or on trying to keep the funding equal! I know, understand and appreciate everyone's right and responsibility to keep the culture alive, BUT, WE ARE HERE TO TEACH ENGLISH! I hope that we can throw out old ideas of seperating english or language from everything else. Without knowing english, one cannot read in english. All subjects depend on this! To learn any language there are two levels. First, the spoken language, and then the written language. PGFC, NJFL, NFL, and Thespians all embrace both these two areas and should continue to be funded in full! No other program in the CNMI gives all ages the opportunities that these students are recieving. Some have even recieved scholorships to college from these worthwhile programs.

I hope that like many things both here and in the states, that PSS does NOT throw away the programs by discontinuing the funding of accedemically linked programs that benifit our students both now and in the future!

Please leave your concerns or comments! Remember, our Board members are reading!


Saipan Writer said...

I think PSS has been supportive of forensics, Thespians, and math court/mathcount because of the proven success of these programs. It all comes down to reporting. And what the PSS Board has available to it.

Are the student records computerized? Does the Board have access to them? If a Board member wanted to know what the language arts scores were for kids before and after participating in one of the programs, like forensics or thespians, could they find it easily? Or would it take manual review and compilation?

And are there statistics per teacher on how the students perform before and after a year of study?

Just wondering.

Angie said...

Yes, they can have access to it. But, the question is, do they do it? That answer is NO! We, teachers and principals,give Central Office Info all the time. But(in my opinion), there is NO indication that the information is used by anyone to change anything for the school district.