Thursday, August 16, 2007

Exciting PD's ?

Another first day of state level professional development(PD) down. I do not need every year to hear the mission and purpose of PSS. We all have that memorized by now! I also think that we all know that things are not the best, and we do NOT like to or need to continue to keep hearing about it. What I think we all would have appreciated, was more information on what they are doing to do to make it better. Better PD choices would be nice.

An example of a GREAT PD was the one offered by Florine Hoffschnieder(Please excuse me if this isn't spelled write!). The workshop was a writing institute that all would have benefited from! It was an extension of an intense writing workshop put on this summer. Even a Bilingual teacher shared how it was helping her students learn how to write.

Did you attend a workshop worth mentioning? If so, please leave a comment! If you know of one that you atended or heard about in the past let us know! Maybe we can start recomending ideas to Ms. Jackie.

Enjoy you second day of PD's. Remember, be on the lookout for GREAT ones!


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Betty said...

Several SVS teachers enjoyed the one on creating games for the classroom. It was useful and informative with ideas that would apply to all grade levels.