Friday, November 30, 2007

Putting it in Perspective

Today was the kind of day that puts it all in perspective. Another of those "Ah ha" moments in education. (The last time I had one was watching my "too cool for school" crowd sing along with "Where is the Love" years ago in an assembly.)

My latest revelation came during yet another assembly. Watching the kids perform projects they created to demonstrate learning from their mistakes nearly brought me to tears. A group of girls presented steps to problem solving and a poem on friendship after a bullying incident big enough to involve DPS. A group of boys presented a research project on the negative effects of the use of tobacco (including a graphic photo of oral cancer). And my all time favorite, MY former class presenting a song they wrote about negative behavior in the library. Up to and including "Remix....Oh oh oh oh oh oh...why'd we have to go and kick him on the floor? We laughed. Oh oh oh oh oh oh... The entire audience was humming along. They followed it up with a poster about library behavior.

Looking at in writing, it doesn't seem so special, guess you had to be there. I guess the point I'm trying to make is how amazing children can be when given the freedom to express themselves. They demonstrated genuine learning through the restitution process. (I'm not gonna lie, I was worried they get up there and fall on their faces! But, they really blew me away.)

Tonight, I went to watch my students in the First Ladies Tree LIghting Competition. I was completely at peace listening to student performances, singing Christmas carols, and celebrating our third place win. There was something so soothing about just relaxing with the kids.

As if this weren't enough, a teacher volunteered to pay a $600 deposit out of her personal account in order to ensure the location for our staff Christmas party is secured in advance.
Days like today renew my faith in my profession and committment to my new position.

TODAY I LOVE MY JOB!! Quick, write that down before I change my mind! ; - )

For those who are struggling with the many pressures of our profession, keep the faith...your "ah ha" moments will come. Have faith in your students, as the community has faith in you.

Happy Holidays Teachers


Angie said...

I keep trying to keep things in perspective, but it gets harder and harder every day at PSS.

My airconditioning has been out now for one whole month, and my principal finally said Thursday that fixing it is NOT in sight.

My students are getting sicker and sicker and their attendance is affecting their grades. It is also, affecting my allergies and asthma, because we have to leave doors and windows open, to achieve some kind of air flow. Between the dust and dirt that blow in, and the things that crawl in, it is extremely hard to keep things clean.

I would love for the Govenor, any Senator, and or any Legislator to try to conduct business in conditions such as these: No air conditioning, grass being cut outside your window, a PE class or two being taught outside, or Music class holding their drum (drill)practice outside. It is NOT fun or conducive to learning.

I hope that others are having a better time than I am.
Happy Holidays, Everyone!

Betty said...

Just let me know if you'd like me to include these concerns in the letter to the COE/BOE regarding health and safety concerns through ACT. It's on my "to do" list this week.