Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Education Day and Turkey Day!

Another Education Day is behind us! CONGRATULATIONS to our new TEACHER OF THE YEAR, ANDREW GOLDEN, from Saipan Southern High School!! Did anyone mention Space Camp for him this year? I heard a lot of other things, but not that. Enjoy the free gas for a year, or will it be raffled off to get classroom supplies?(HaHaHa!)

There were many awesome performances from our schools! Congrats to all!! Some put a lot of hard work into it. Others, did not, (in my opinion),because of the school's choice of Teacher of the Year. I hope that all were able to relax and enjoy themselves this year!

As we ready ourselves for tomorrow, Thanksgiving Day, let us all stop and remember to be thankful for all the things that God has given us. The things that I am thankful for are; my family, the job that I have with PSS, my individual school family, the parents of my students and last, but most importantly my students. I wish all a VERY HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

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