Sunday, September 2, 2007

Payless payday threat, maybe this wakes us up

Here we go again with the latest round of government by crisis. Here I am caught in the middle. The latest is PSS hasn't gotten the money it was promised from the central government, it's always last minute with them, so PSS is saying they don't know if they can make payroll this month. I've seen this type of thing government wide a couple times before, but I think this is a first for PSS in particular.

I know a couple things. The minute my check is late, I will be be on speed dial, around the clock, to Rep. George Miller's office and the Department of Education encouraging a federal takeover of PSS, and a lot of people will be getting a lot of scrutiny they don't want if that happens. I'm pretty sure No Child Left Behind doesn't allow school to be closed because you spent all your money fighting federalization. A state takeover of a school system is what happens in a failing system. It has happened a lot in the most troubled districts. I'm not sure how common federal takeovers are, but in this case "local government" can't handle local government, a stick in the eye for all the people ready to secede to defend their right to a local government that may not be able to make teacher payroll and will have to close the schools, unless slavery is now legal. Basic service one, power, is already a fiasco. Ambrose has been saying for months a federal takeover is needed-- I don't think years in this case. The next thing will be to consult with a lawyer, as sending people to work when you know you can't pay them is the definition of fraud. Maybe I can own land here after all. Note to all parties involved here. I am not a contract worker you can abuse so easily. I speak English very well, I have a blue passport, I'm not option less and I may have a lot of time on my hands to make a lot of peoples' lives more difficult, and that will be my singular focus 24/7 if that happens. I suspect the prospect of no paycheck and fraud will even get the comatose lumps that make up 80 percent of my teacher peers to chip in and help.

PSS needs to close all the schools if this is the case -- now. I don't want to hear nonsense like, "it's for the children, work for free." When my rent is free, and the Nuggets at Java Joes are free, and Shell gasoline is free, I'll consider working for free. Until then, forget it. Don't I have enough of a stressful job without worrying about being cheated? I already have basically the job of two teachers. Do you think teachers who don't know if they will be getting paid are going the extra mile? It will be hilarious, and slightly sad really, to see the looks on the faces of the new recruits unaccustomed to the fly by night nature of how the CNMI government operates when they read this news. There simply is no excuse for even reading this in the paper -- none -- especially when the government is cutting absurd checks to lobbyists, public relations firms and Jesus Camacho.

"EMPLOYEES of Public School System may get no paychecks until the end of thefiscal year on Sept. 30 following the administration’s failure to return theamount it cut from the previous budget of PSS and to release federalCompact-Impact money that was to cover the PSS payroll until Oct. 15.PSS actingfinance director Lori A. Grizzard, acting Education Commissioner Charlie Kentyand PSS federal programs officer Tim Thornburgh said the school system isrunning out of money to cover the three remaining pay periods for its 797locally funded employees, who include teachers and support staff.Theadministration cut the PSS FY 2006 budget by $2 million but promised to returnit in the FY 2007 fourth quarter allocation. “PSS is still waiting for that $2million that was borrowed in FY 2006 which was to cover expenditures for theprior year,” Grizzard said. “The promised restoration will cover our shortfall.”


marianas life said...

okay that link is to an article on rfp's for CUC.

what gives? where'd that article go?

bradinthesand said...

so what are you guys and gals gonna do come monday?