Saturday, April 4, 2009

Stimulas Money Transparency

Funding for education, as we all know is greatly needed. But, the great controversy is, the transparency on how it is spent and who decides how it is spent!

I applaud President Obama for trying to fund Education. But, I worry that his stimulas money will not be monitored as to where it is going, or that the great majority will not reach our kids. This is because, here in the CNMI, decisions are being made, but again, none of the stakeholders are involved in the decisions on how to spend it, except administration. Why, are parents, teachers, and students not being included in the process? Have we not learned from our past, that to include all would help make everything run more smoothly? OBVIOUSLY NOT!

All stakeholders should be involved with this large influx of cash into out system. Who knows best, what is needed in our classrooms, but our Teachers and our Students! They are the ones in the trenches where these funds would have the greatest impact.

Because the economy is what it is today, we need to look at were this money can have the greatest long term impact in Student Education. Teachers and students should be the primary contact for that information.

It would be nice if the BOE had an advisory board of Parents, Students, Teachers and concerned public citizens(maybe some who actually employ our youth). This group could assist the BOE with ideas that are out there from the various groups. This would insure true Stakeholder involvement in the process. It would also assist the BOE in becomming more transparent with its funds.


Luis Portugal said...

It has a nice blog.
Sorry not write more, but my English is bad writing.
A hug from my country, Portugal

Melanie said...

Hi, I was born and raised in the CNMI and I am of CNMI descent. Currently I live and teach here on the East Coast; naturally this blog holds some interest.
I've been trying to stay connected with current events as well as with the political, educational, and social climate. Although I'm far away I still care deeply about the state of the NMI, so I'm taking a look at blogs, articles, groups, the news, you name it.

I have a very basic question: is it really "stimulas money" or am I missing something? I thought the word was spelled "stimulus". Just a thought.
Melanie Hangca